After spending time with friend groups who are now parents, it's clear that there are so many cute and useful products out there geared toward kids...and toward adults, too. Here are 24 things I now want for my adult life after hanging out with my parent friends:

1. A comfortable baby carrier: Yes, they're designed for infants, but they make carrying anything hands-free a dream.

2. A convenient diaper bag: The pockets and compartments make carrying all your essentials an organized breeze.

3. A nightlight that projects stars: Because let's be real, adults love to feel like kids from time to time.

4. A noise machine: Sleep is important, and sometimes, a noise machine to mimic rain or waves is the key to peaceful rest.

5. A play mat: It's a versatile flooring option for everything from yoga to just lounging around.

6. A baby gate: It can help to keep pets out of certain areas of the house or to temporarily block off a room.

7. A high-quality stroller: It's not just for kids, it's also a great way to carry groceries!

8. A portable booster seat: Great for outdoor events or adult gatherings where seating is limited.

9. A baby swing: Not just for babies, it can be used for a relaxing outdoor hangout spot.

10. A baby bathtub: It can double as a foot soak.

11. Cute kids' dishes and utensils: They're fun to use and can feel like a mini escape from adulthood.

12. A white noise machine: It helps to block out distracting sounds while working or sleeping.

13. An inflatable pool floatie: It's an easy way to enjoy the water without having to swim.

14. A coffee table with storage: Perfect for hiding away toys or other clutter.

15. A desk lamp with adjustable brightness: It can always be hard to find the right light while working from home.

16. A mini fridge: Great for keeping drinks and snacks nearby during a Netflix binge.

17. An air purifier: Important for maintaining good air quality, especially during allergy season.

18. A robot vacuum: Hugely helpful for keeping floors clean and tidy.

19. Cute kids' craft supplies: Sometimes, being creative like a kid is the perfect stress relief.

20. A storage ottoman: A great way to store all kinds of things while also acting as seating.

21. A portable DVD player: Perfect for streaming movies on the go or during power outages.

22. A cozy blanket: Everyone needs a snuggle-up-and-read-a-book blanket.

23. A juicer: Great for making fresh juice or cocktails.

24. A mini photo printer: Because it's always nice to have physical photos to hold onto.

So take it from my parent friends and check out some of these cute and useful products to up your adulting game.