Title: 2023's New Emoji Finalists, Ranked - Gizmodo

It's that time of year again when the Emoji Subcommittee unveils the highly anticipated finalists for the next batch of emojis. This year's lineup offers an exciting mix of familiar favorites and intriguing newcomers. From a coveted lime to a fiery bird, and an extensive selection of people doing various activities, the emoji enthusiasts have a lot to be excited about. Join us as we explore the finalists and rank them based on their potential impact and cultural relevance.

1. Lime Emoji:
Starting off our list is a long-awaited contender - the lime emoji. Apple's recent fruit-themed emojis have sparked interest and excitement among users, and the addition of a lime completes the citrus lineup. With its vibrant green color and refreshing association, this emoji has a strong chance of becoming a favorite in food-related conversations and beyond.

2. Bird on Fire Emoji:
Next up is a peculiar contender - the bird on fire emoji. While it might seem cliché at first glance, this candidate has the potential to bring a new level of intensity and urgency to digital communication. Its powerful symbolization of strength and transformation could be used to convey a feeling of determination or burning passion.

3. Expanded People Emoji:
One of the most significant updates this year is the expansion of the people emoji category, which now includes 108 variations depicting individuals performing six different activities. This move represents an effort toward inclusivity, allowing users to accurately represent themselves and others in a range of situations. Whether it's a person meditating, lifting weights, or cooking, the availability of diverse options will undoubtedly enhance personal expression.

4. Handshake Emoji:
Another noteworthy finalist this year is the handshake emoji, symbolizing unity, cooperation, and agreement. As more people conduct business and socialize virtually, this emoji could become a valuable addition to digital conversations, enabling users to express solidarity and confirm shared understandings.

5. Heart Hands Emoji:
The heart hands emoji, featuring two hands forming a heart shape, would add a universally recognized symbol of love and affection to our digital conversations, making it a strong contender for inclusion. Whether expressing love for someone or symbolizing unity within a community, this emoji has the potential to become an instant hit.

6. Mending Heart Emoji:
Last but not least, the mending heart emoji brings a touch of compassion and healing to the table. With its divided, broken heart being stitched back together, it serves as a powerful representation of emotional resilience and the process of healing. This emoji could find its place in conversations revolving around emotional support, personal growth, and overcoming hardships.

The Emoji Subcommittee has presented us with an exciting array of potential additions to our digital language in 2023. From the highly anticipated lime to the intriguing bird on fire, this year's finalists promise to inject fresh emotions and greater inclusivity into our conversations. The expanded people emoji category, along with symbols of unity, love, and healing, represents the subcommittee's efforts to reflect and celebrate the diversity of modern communication. We eagerly await the final selection and anticipate how these new emojis will shape our digital interactions in the years to come.