A new report from 9to5Mac suggests that the upcoming Vision Pro glasses will offer superior security measures compared to the iPhone and iPad, by keeping camera access under lock and key.

Expected to launch next year, the Vision Pro glasses will come equipped with the ability to run iPhone and iPad apps straight out of the box. However, while the iOS devices are often criticized for their security vulnerabilities, the Vision Pro is taking a different approach by prioritizing user privacy.

One of the key features of the Vision Pro is its camera access controls. Users will be able to easily toggle camera permissions through a system-wide toggle. This is an important feature, as many people are concerned about the possibility of being spied on through their camera, whether by hackers or even malicious app developers.

In contrast, iOS devices currently require users to navigate through individual app settings to granularly control camera permissions. This can make it easy for users to accidentally leave on camera access for apps they don’t trust, leaving them vulnerable to potential spying.

Vision Pro is also taking other measures to prioritize user privacy, such as not collecting user data. This is in contrast to the through user data collection of tech giants like Apple and Google, which have come under fire for their data collection

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