Valve, the game development and distribution company, has confirmed that it contacted Nintendo about the possibility of bringing the Dolphin Emulator to its Steam platform. The announcement was made during a recent interview with Valve's Erik Johnson.

In the interview, Johnson revealed that Valve had reached out to Nintendo about the possibility of making Dolphin Emulator available on Steam. He emphasized that Valve had taken the initiative to contact Nintendo themselves, rather than waiting for Nintendo to approach them.

"We brought this to their attention proactively," Johnson said.

The Dolphin Emulator was created by developers Fierce and Forgotten and allows users to play various Nintendo games on their computer. However, Nintendo has been historically quite protective of its intellectual property and has usually taken legal action to shut down emulators that allow people to play their games on unofficial platforms.

Despite this, Valve seems to be optimistic about the possibility of making Dolphin Emulator available on Steam. Johnson suggested that the two companies were currently in communication and that discussions were ongoing.

While it's still uncertain whether the Dolphin Emulator will ultimately end up on Steam, this latest news suggests that Valve is taking proactive steps to work with other companies and bring a greater variety of games to its platform. It also shows that even though the Dolphin Emulator

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