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YouTube has always been a go-to platform for millions of people worldwide when it comes to watching videos. The platform has been continuously pushing the envelope to enhance the viewing experience with new features. Recently, YouTube has put its focus on upgrading the video quality of its service, and as a result, the company is testing out support for '1080p Premium,' its new high-bitrate streaming tier, on Android and Google TV.

The video-sharing platform already offers video playback in 1080p, but the new '1080p Premium' tier brings higher bitrate, which means better picture quality with more detail, clearer sound, and more vivid colors. The current 1080p video quality on YouTube has a bitrate of approximately 8Mbps, but the new '1080p Premium' tier is reported to have a bitrate of 16Mbps, which is almost double the existing quality.

The new upgrade is expected to cater to the increasing demand from users for high-quality video streaming. The viewing experience on YouTube would be much better with the new '1080p Premium' on devices that support it, such as Android and Google TV. The upgrade would significantly increase the video quality, resulting in sharper image quality and reduced blurriness.

The company has been testing the new '1080p Premium' tier on a trial basis since it was first announced in April 2021. The testing was initially limited to iOS users in the United States. However, it appears that the company is now extending the testing to users who use the YouTube app on Android and Google TV.

According to recent reports, some users are now receiving notifications that they have been selected to participate in the trial. These users can then enjoy watching high-quality videos with the '1080p Premium' tier. While the trial is still in its early stages, many users have already noticed significant improvements in video quality, even on their mobile devices.

In conclusion, YouTube's new '1080p Premium' option is a welcome upgrade that could enhance the overall viewing experience of the platform's videos. The addition of a higher bitrate means that viewers can expect clearer images, more vivid colors, and better sound quality. The fact that the company is now testing the new feature on Android and Google TV is great news for users who use these devices to stream content. The upgrade is expected to be officially rolled out soon, and it promises to be a game-changer for YouTube users who value high-quality video streaming.

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