Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep is in full swing, and with it comes a new exotic weapon that players won’t want to miss out on. The Wicked Implement is a powerful scout rifle that can be yours with a bit of effort. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to get your hands on this fantastic weapon.

Step 1: Start the ‘Savor the Moment’ Quest

To begin your journey to obtain the Wicked Implement, you must first start the "Savor the Moment" quest which is available from the Exo Stranger. This can be found by going to the Beyond Light campaign mission, Born in Darkness Part 2. The quest will require you to complete several objectives, starting with collecting 60 Recon Data on Europa.

Step 2: Collect Recon Data

Once you’ve started the quest, your job is to collect 60 Recon Data. This can be gathered from doing various activities on Europa, such as defeating bosses, completing patrols, or participating in public events.

To make this step easier, we recommend completing Europa bounties to maximize your Recon Data gains. It is also useful to know that higher-tier activities, such as legendary lost sectors and empire hunts, offer more Recon Data

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