The popular social media platform Twitter is facing a bug that seems to be causing deleted tweets to randomly reappear on user profiles. This has caused concern and frustration among users who want their deleted tweets to remain deleted.

According to reports, several users have reported that their deleted tweets are being restored on the site without their permission. This is a significant concern for users who have previously deleted their tweets, believing that they would no longer be accessible on the platform.

One security expert has noted that Twitter has restored as many as 34,000 deleted tweets in one instance. The sheer volume of restored tweets is alarming and raises concerns about the security and privacy of Twitter users.

The bug seems to be affecting a random selection of Twitter users, with no clear pattern or explanation for why some tweets are being restored and others are not. This is causing confusion and frustration among users who want to ensure that their online presence remains under their control.

In response to the reports, Twitter has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix. However, the company has not released any statement about the cause of the bug or when it is expected to be resolved.

As a precaution, users who have deleted tweets in the past are advised to regularly monitor their profiles to ensure that their deleted

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