Recently, an article titled "Google’s Android and Chrome extensions are a very sad place. Here’s why - Ars Technica" has been making rounds on tech blogs. The article highlights the growing problem of low-quality apps and extensions on Google's Chrome and Android platforms, and why it's causing trouble for millions of users.

Google's Android and Chrome platforms have long been known for their openness and extensibility. This has made them a popular choice for users who want to customize their devices and browsers with a variety of apps and extensions. However, this freedom has also meant that low-quality apps and extensions have flooded these platforms, providing little value to users, and sometimes even posing security risks.

In the article published by Ars Technica, the author points out some of the problems with the current state of Google's platforms. For example, some app developers have resorted to shady tactics to get their apps more downloads, such as fake reviews and misleading titles. Additionally, many apps and extensions lack basic functionality, making them unreliable and frustrating to use.

The article also notes that Google's attempts to improve the quality of apps and extensions on its platforms have been largely ineffective. The company has made several changes to its policies for developers, including removing certain types

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