Gamers who have been playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have discovered a new way to put the game's Ultrahand ability to good use. Players are using this ability to set up intricate and deadly traps to keep the Yiga Clan at bay.

The Yiga Clan is a group of dangerous enemies in the game that can be quite difficult to defeat. But clever players have found a way to turn the tables on these pesky adversaries. By using the Ultrahand ability, players are able to create elaborate traps with deadly consequences.

Using objects in the environment and the Ultrahand to manipulate them, players can create traps that will spring on the Yiga Clan when they least expect it. From dropping boulders on unsuspecting enemies to triggering explosive barrels, the possibilities are endless.

Some players have even created elaborate mazes that force the Yiga Clan to navigate a series of traps in order to reach their target. Others have set up decoys to lure the Yiga Clan into danger, before unleashing a barrage of attacks.

The creativity and ingenuity of the players is impressive, and it's exciting to see how they are using the game's mechanics to their advantage. It's proof that there are still new ways

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