The wait is finally over for Diablo 4 fans as the game just received a major balance patch. This latest update brings significant changes to several of the game's classes, including nerfs for the Barbarian, Druid, and Rogue, and buffs for the Necromancer.

The most notable change in this patch is the nerf to the Barbarian class, which sees them lose some of their much-needed mobility skills. The Leap ability, in particular, has been significantly slowed down, making it harder for Barbarians to escape from danger and engage in combat effectively.

The Druid class also experienced some nerfs, as their Shapeshift abilities were reduced in power, making them less effective in combat. The Rogue also lost some of her powerful Shadow abilities, which made her much less dangerous to enemies.

On the other hand, the Necromancer class received several buffs that should make them much more viable in combat scenarios. The Death Nova ability, in particular, has been given a significant boost, making it a deadly source of damage against enemies.

But this balance patch is not just limited to class changes. Several items and locations throughout the game have also been adjusted to provide a more enjoyable and challenging gameplay experience.

Overall, this balance patch brings a lot

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