Reddit has been one of the most popular online communities in recent years, hosting endless amounts of content and discussions on any topic imaginable. As such, apps for accessing Reddit have been a staple for users looking for an easy and personalized experience. However, recent changes to Reddit's API are causing several Reddit apps to shut down, alongside beloved Apollo.

The Reddit API changes concern the way apps can make requests to the site. Previously, apps could access all of Reddit's content through a single API. Now, the site is requiring apps to use separate APIs for each of its communities, also known as subreddits. This shift allows Reddit to have more control over its content and prevent misuse. However, it also proved too challenging for some third-party app developers.

One of the most popular Reddit apps, Apollo, recently announced that it would be shutting down on June 30th, following the new API changes. The news was met with disappointment from its devoted user base, who praised Apollo's user-friendly design and feature set. But, now, Apollo is not the only app shutting down at the end of the month.

Other Reddit apps have also announced that they will be shutting down on June 30th due to the new API changes. Rif is Fun

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