Block off your calendars because Lego Sonic is drop dashing into Sonic Superstars! The Lego Group and SEGA® are coming together to give fans of the Sonic franchise a crossover of epic proportions.

The news was announced on July 23, 2021, during the Sonic Symphony Orchestra event. In attendance were special guests, Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team, and James McCloughlin, Creative Director of Lego Games. They surprised the audience with a teaser trailer that revealed Sonic the Hedgehog’s iconic world, Green Hill Zone, transformed into a Lego set.

This creative collaboration will surely excite fans of both Lego and Sonic. It promises to deliver a fun and engaging experience while bringing Sonic’s world to life in the form of Lego blocks. The set will feature many classic elements from the Sonic franchise, such as Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman. Lego Sonic set will also include iconic locations from the game, like Green Hill Zone, and bring them to life in stunning detail with the help of Lego’s expertise in building blocks.

This is not the first time Lego has collaborated with a game developer to create a video game-themed Lego set. Recently, Lego teamed up with Nintendo to release the popular Super Mario Bros Lego set. The Lego Super Mario Bros set was hailed as one of the most exciting Lego collaborations and was well-received by fans worldwide.

The release date for the Lego Sonic set has yet to be announced. Fans can expect the set to arrive in time for the holidays or early 2022. Lego Sonic is just one of the many exciting things happening in the Sonic universe this year, alongside the upcoming Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and the Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony.

In summary, the Lego Group is partnering with SEGA to create a set based on the Sonic franchise. The crossover event promises to be a fun and engaging experience for fans of both Lego and Sonic. The official release date for the Lego Sonic set has not been announced yet, but gamers can expect it to be available soon. Block off your calendars and get ready to collect rings and roll around as Lego Sonic, as Sonic Superstars comes to life.

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