Rumors have been swirling around Google's upcoming Pixel Tablet for a while now, and a recent hint by a well-known Google leaker has added fuel to the fire for a possible pen and keyboard accessory for the device.

The news comes from a post on Twitter by Evan Blass, a notorious leaker in the tech industry. Blass tweeted an image of what looks to be a Pixelbook Pen and keyboard, with a caption that reads, "Imagine these showed up for the Pixel Tablet…". While this is far from a confirmation that these accessories are coming to the Pixel Tablet, it's been enough to get fans excited about the possibilities.

A couple weeks back, there was some concern among potential buyers about why Google would release a tablet without at least offering a basic keyboard accessory. Even the lower-cost OnePlus Pad has a simple folio keyboard available, and you can buy that tablet with the keyboard included. So it stands to reason that Google would want to include a keyboard option for its flagship Pixel Tablet as well.

Adding a pen and keyboard to the Pixel Tablet would make it a much more versatile device for working professionals, students, and anyone in need of a portable productivity machine. Pairing a Pixelbook Pen with the tablet would also make

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