Half a year has passed since the launch of the Google Pixel 7 Pro, a smartphone that was expected to be the epitome of intelligence. However, it seems that the device is not any wiser now than it was back then. Despite the updates that have been rolled out since its launch, the Pixel 7 Pro still falls short of the expectations that were set for it.

The Pixel 7 Pro was launched last fall with great fanfare from Google. The company claimed that the device was equipped with a host of features that made it the smartest smartphone yet. It came with a camera that was supposed to outsmart the competition, a battery that lasted longer, and software that was more intuitive than ever before.

Sadly, the reality didn't quite match the promise. Although the Pixel 7 Pro is undoubtedly a good smartphone, it's not the intelligent device that Google claimed it to be. One of the main problems with the phone is that the software doesn't quite live up to expectations. There are still some significant bugs and glitches that are yet to be ironed out. Additionally, the phone doesn't seem to be able to adapt to the user's habits and preferences in the way that Google originally intended.

Another issue with the Pixel

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