Title: Diablo 4 Season 1: All Seasonal Journey Rewards And Objectives Revealed


Calling all Diablo fans! Season 1 of Diablo 4 is here, and with it comes a brand new set of challenges and rewards to experience. The Seasonal Journey has always been an exciting aspect of the Diablo franchise, offering players a chance to tackle specific objectives and earn exclusive rewards. In this article, we will give you a rundown of all the seasonal tasks you need to complete in Diablo 4 Season 1, along with the enticing rewards awaiting those who rise to the challenge.

Objective 1: Defeat The Prime Evil

Your journey begins with a monumental task - the defeat of the Prime Evil. Embark on a quest to cleanse the world of Diablo's sinister presence. Be prepared to face challenging foes, but fear not, for completing this objective grants you an exclusive legendary item, a symbol of your victory that will help you on future exploits.

Objective 2: Reach Spoils of War 1

As you progress through the seasonal journey, you'll need to amass enough resources to gain access to Spoils of War 1. This objective tests your resource management skills, requiring you to gather specific items from various parts of the Diablo 4 world. The Spoils of War 1 reward is a mystery box containing high-level equipment and enchanting materials for your character.

Objective 3: Masters of the Dungeons

Sharpen your skills in the depths of Diablo 4's labyrinthine dungeons. This objective pushes you to conquer different levels of dungeons, each filled with powerful enemies. Defeat dungeon bosses, gain valuable loot, and enhance your character's arsenal. For completing the Masters of the Dungeons objective, you will receive a special transmogrification set, allowing you to customize your character's appearance like never before.

Objective 4: Bane of the Nightmare

The forces of darkness are relentless, and it is your duty to put them to rest. In Bane of the Nightmare, you'll be tasked with purging various Nightmare zones scattered across the map. Face off against hordes of enemies, uncover secrets, and free the afflicted lands. Your resilience in completing this objective will be rewarded with a legendary pet, a rare companion that will follow you throughout your adventures.

Objective 5: Trial of the Crusader

For those seeking a true test of skill, the Trial of the Crusader awaits. Challenge yourself with combat trials designed to push your character to its limits. Prove your worth and emerge victorious to unlock a unique character portrait frame, showcasing your accomplishment for all to see.


Diablo 4 Season 1 offers an incredible array of challenges and rewards, designed to immerse players in an epic and rewarding experience. From defeating the Prime Evil to conquering dungeons, each task brings you closer to rare items, transmogrification sets, powerful pets, and unique cosmetic rewards.

Embrace the call of adventure, gather your gear, and set forth on your Seasonal Journey. Claim the rewards that await you and stand proud as you showcase your achievements. Diablo 4 Season 1 is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and become a legend in the ever-evolving world of Sanctuary.

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