Check out this new story trailer for Cygni All Guns Blazing, a twin-stick vertical scrolling shooter with a cinematic twist. From developer KeelWorks, Cygni is set to be one of the most exciting arcade-style games of the summer. The game was showcased at IGN's Summer of Gaming 2023 and is set to release on all major platforms later this year.

The trailer begins with a distant shot of our hero, a rogue pilot named Juno, flying through space in her spaceship. She is on a mission to save the planet from an alien invasion, and she's not alone. She is aided by a group of outlaws, each with their own unique skills, who have banded together to take down the alien forces. The trailer sets up the game's plot and gives us a look at the stunning visuals we can expect to see in the game.

Cygni All Guns Blazing features intense and addictive twin-stick shooting gameplay, but what sets it apart from other games in the genre is its cinematic approach. The developer has gone to great lengths to create a game that feels like an action movie, complete with epic cutscenes, explosions, and dramatic camera angles. The attention to detail in the game is evident in the

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