Google has announced the rollout of Emoji Wallpapers on Android 14 Beta 3 for some users, following its reveal at I/O 2023. This addition will allow Android users to add a creative and colourful dimension to their phones.

Wallpaper designs include the classic emoticons such as smiley faces, hearts, and poop emojis. There will also be wallpapers showcasing newer additions to the emoji roster, such as gender-inclusive emojis and different skin tones.

The Emoji Wallpapers feature is designed to bring a more personalized and fun experience to Android users. These wallpapers are available for Pixel devices, and it is expected that they will roll out to other Android devices in the coming months.

Google is always looking for ways to make their products more engaging and user-friendly, and this new feature is just one example of their commitment to innovation. It offers a unique way for users to customize their devices and express their personality through their wallpaper choices.

As with all beta releases, there may still be some bugs and glitches with this feature. However, once Google has worked out any issues, it is sure to be a hit among Android users who are always looking for ways to make their devices more fun and personalized.

Overall, the Emoji Wallpapers feature is an exciting addition

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