Title: Canon Warns Printer Users: Factory Reset Doesn't Wipe Wi-Fi Settings


In a recent development, Canon, a renowned manufacturer of printers and other imaging devices, has issued a warning to its printer users regarding the importance of manually wiping Wi-Fi settings before discarding or reselling their devices. Contrary to popular belief, simply performing a factory reset does not erase Wi-Fi passwords and other network settings, potentially leaving sensitive information vulnerable to unauthorized access. This revelation has raised concerns about the data security practices related to printer disposal and resale.

The Aftermath of Factory Resets:

In an era where connectivity is a crucial part of our lives, the ability to wirelessly connect and print documents has become a standard feature of modern printers. However, the convenience of Wi-Fi-connected printers comes with its own security risks. When users decide to discard or sell their printers, they often perform a factory reset, presuming that it erases their personal data, including Wi-Fi passwords.

Recent findings indicate that factory resets on Canon printers do not actually delete Wi-Fi settings stored in the printer's memory. As a result, these devices retain critical information, such as Wi-Fi network names, passwords, and other configuration details. This leaves users vulnerable to potential security breaches, as the personal data stored within the printer could be accessible to whoever next acquires the device.

Canon's Acknowledgement and Recommendations:

Upon discovering this loophole in their factory reset process, Canon has publicly acknowledged the issue and actively shared precautionary measures to prevent any compromise of sensitive information. The company emphasized the importance of manually deleting Wi-Fi settings stored within the printer before initiating a factory reset.

To accomplish this, Canon recommends that users perform a thorough manual deletion of their Wi-Fi settings through the printer's control panel or web-based administration interface. Following this step, users can proceed with the factory reset to ensure the complete removal of personal information stored within the printer's memory.

Canon's spokesperson stated, "We take data security and customer privacy very seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and encourage all our customers to follow our guidelines to ensure that their personal information is safeguarded at all times."

The Broader Implications:

Canon's warning serves as a reminder of the importance of data security in all aspects of our lives. With the proliferation of internet-enabled devices, it is crucial for consumers to understand the potential risks associated with the disposal or sale of such devices.

This issue is not limited to Canon printers alone, as Wi-Fi connectivity is a standard feature on most modern printers. Users are advised to consult their printer's documentation or reach out to the manufacturer to understand the specific process required to delete Wi-Fi settings and ensure their data is protected.


Canon's revelation regarding factory resets and the retention of Wi-Fi settings in their printers highlights an important data security vulnerability. Users must exercise caution when disposing of or selling their printers to mitigate potential risks. Manufacturers and technology companies, on the other hand, should continuously improve their processes and better educate users about best practices for securing personal data.

As consumers, we should remain vigilant and prioritize data security to prevent any unauthorized access to our personal information in an increasingly connected world.

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