Game developers have recently opened up about their own “worst” video game creations, inspired by the poor reviews of The Lord of The Rings: Gollum. The upcoming game, developed by Daedalic Entertainment, received negative feedback after its first trailer was released in 2020. Developers in the industry have reflected on this and shared their own experiences working on games that have received similar negative receptions.

In an article published by Kotaku, game developers share their thoughts and lessons learned from their own “lowest-reviewed game.” The developers featured in the article come from various backgrounds and have worked on games that have received both critical acclaim and disappointment.

One of the developers interviewed was Michael Chu, who was the lead writer of Overwatch. Chu shared his experience working on a game called "Star Wars: The Old Republic." The massively multiplayer online role-playing game was widely criticized for its story and dialogue. Chu acknowledged that the criticism was valid and that he had learned some valuable lessons from it. He emphasized the importance of story and character development, stating that “the best games are made when the team is just as passionate about the narrative as they are about the gameplay.”

Another developer who shared their experience was Josh Sawyer, who worked on “Fallout: New

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