Apple has long been rumored to be developing a mixed reality or Augmented Reality (AR) headset, and the company is all set to unveil it at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) next month. According to a recent report by Gizmodo, Apple’s latest AR Experience has all but confirmed that we’ll see the much-anticipated headset at the tech show.

The report points out that the company has released a new virtual reality (VR) video experience called "A Cornucopia of AR" that features a series of floating 3D animations that display the capabilities of the AR platform. The animations include a disco ball, a piñata, and a floating head. Although the animations might seem like a bit of fun, they do hint at the possible capabilities of the rumored AR headset that Apple is developing.

The report also suggests that Apple may be trying to prepare developers for the upcoming AR headset by releasing this video. The Cornucopia of AR may be an attempt to inspire developers to create software that takes advantage of the headset's capabilities.

One of the significant advantages of AR technology is that it can overlay virtual reality experiences on top of the real world. Apple’s rumored headset is expected to combine AR and VR, allowing users to

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