Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to technology. Their latest hardware product is expected to be a new VR/AR headset that could change the way we experience virtual reality. According to CNN, Apple may be just one day away from unveiling this revolutionary hardware product at their developer event.

For years, Apple has been investing heavily in VR/AR technology. The company has already released ARKit and VR content creation software that aims to make it easier for developers to create augmented reality experiences. This new VR/AR headset is expected to take things to the next level.

Although Apple has been keeping quiet about the details of the new VR/AR headset, many experts predict that it will be a standalone product. This means that users won’t need to connect the headset to a computer or phone to use it. Considering that Apple is known for its streamlined products, it seems likely that they will try to make this headset as easy to use as possible.

Another rumor about this new headset is that it will use eye-tracking technology. Eye-tracking technology allows the headset to know where the user’s eyes are looking. This could make it easier to control virtual objects and menus without the need for a traditional controller.

The new VR/AR headset won

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