Amazon has recently announced that it is going to stop providing its Alexa-enabled celebrity voices, including the voices of Shaquille O’Neal, Melissa McCarthy, and Samuel L. Jackson. The company has stated that it would provide refunds to customers who had spent money on these celebrity voices upon request.

According to an Engadget article, Amazon had originally added celebrity voices to its AI-powered virtual assistant, Alexa, as a way to make the voice more entertaining and engaging. The idea was to allow people to use their favorite celebrity voices to interact with Alexa for a more personalized experience. However, it seems that the celebrity voice feature failed to catch on with customers as Amazon had hoped.

As a result, the tech giant has decided to discontinue the celebrity voice feature and instead focus on enhancing the core functionalities of Alexa. The company released a statement stating that the decision was made as part of the company's effort to "simplify [their] offerings and satisfy [their] customers."

While the move may come as a disappointment for some customers who enjoyed using the celebrity voices on their Alexa devices, Amazon has promised to issue refunds for those who have spent money on the feature. Customers who have purchased celebrity voice packs can go to their Amazon account and request a refund

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