Summer of Gaming 2023 has brought us some exciting news on what we can expect from the much-awaited sequel to Alan Wake. During the event, the development team from Remedy gave us a sneak peek of what's in store for us in Alan Wake 2.

The team shed some light on how the game's inspiration has partly come from the likes of True Detective, Hereditary, and David Lynch. The game, Alan Wake 2, brings us a brilliant blend of the narrative structure of True Detective with the horror-themed elements of Resident Evil.

True Detective is widely known for its exceptional anthological plotlines, and it's absolutely thrilling that Alan Wake 2 will take inspiration from it. The game will feature a riveting storyline that will take players on a ride of twists and turns, much like True Detective's first season. The story will be set in a supernatural landscape, where players will have to deal with various supernatural forces.

The game's atmosphere will be inspired by movies such as Hereditary and Blue Velvet. Remedy wants to create a truly immersive world that feels alive and can genuinely frighten players. The game will feature an open-world environment that players can explore, with different locations crafted to look like small towns. Players must

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