In the recent Super Mario Bros. Wonder Reveal, Nintendo fans were treated to a plethora of exciting announcements and reveals about the upcoming game. From new power-ups to unseen characters, there was something for everyone in the presentation. Here are 20 things you might have missed:

1. Mario's Cat Suit: In addition to the classic raccoon suit, Mario will now also have a cat suit, allowing him to climb walls and perform other feline-inspired moves.

2. The Introduction of Bowser's Fury: This new mode promises to be a brand new experience for Mario players, allowing them to team up with Bowser Jr. and take on a mysterious new threat.

3. The Return of Princess Peach: She may have been absent from the initial reveal, but Princess Peach is confirmed to be in the game.

4. The Inclusion of a New Companion: A new character named "Lucky Plessie" will be joining Mario on his adventures in the game.

5. The Appearance of a New Enemy: Another new character named "Boom Boom" will be an antagonist in the game.

6. The Return of Classic Baddies: Fans will be thrilled to see that classic Mario enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas are back in the game.

7. A New World: The game will take place in a new location called Lake Lapcat.

8. The Ability to Visit the Bowser's Castle: Players will be able to explore Bowser's Castle, a staple location in the Mario franchise.

9. The Inclusion of Multiplayer Mode: Players will have the option to play with their friends in multiplayer mode.

10. The Introduction of Giga Bell: Mario will be able to transform into a giant cat with the new power-up, the Giga Bell.

11. Exciting Power-Ups: There will be a wide variety of power-ups in the game, including the Super Bell, the Boomerang Flower, and the Double Cherry.

12. A New Gameplay Mechanic: Mario will be able to climb walls and other objects with his new cat suit.

13. The Introduction of the Pom Pom: This character, a female variation of Boom Boom, will also be an enemy in the game.

14. Expanded Camera Control: Players will have more control over the game's camera, allowing them to customize their experience.

15. New Music: The game will feature a brand new soundtrack, incorporating classic Mario tunes with new tracks.

16. Co-Op Challenges: Players will be able to team up with their friends to complete specially designed co-op levels.

17. Timing-Based Platforming: Certain levels will require players to time their jumps and movements precisely.

18. Hidden Levels: There will be hidden levels in the game, waiting to be discovered by diligent players.

19. Unique Boss Fights: The game will feature a variety of new and exciting boss fights.

20. New Mystery Person: A mysterious new character was briefly seen in the game's trailer, leading fans to speculate about their role in the game.

Overall, the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Reveal showcased an exciting new adventure for fans of the franchise. With new power-ups, characters, and gameplay mechanics, the game promises to be a true delight for players of all ages.

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